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Re: [Xen-devel] Multiple priviliged domains

Neugebauer, Rolf wrote:

Yes, but in 1.3 device drivers are still in Xen. In 2.0 device drivers
are run in a guest OS (which was what the original poster was looking
for). In order to boot dom0 in this model without physical device
drivers it would need a *really big* initrd (as Mark said) because it
would need to create other VMs from it to provide dom0 with virtual
devices. I'm not sure at all if xend supports this sort of setting.

Yep, it seems I misunderstood the original poster's intention. I guess that in an ideal world every device would provide a Xen VM driver in its firmware, similar to how Open Firmware provides Forth drivers, if I understand that part correctly. But then there is the issue of how to upgrade drivers etc.

Btw. I remember some discussion about wrapping NDIS drivers as Xen driver domains, did anyone every try doing that?


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