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Re: [Xen-devel] Multiple priviliged domains

> Yes, but in 1.3 device drivers are still in Xen. In 2.0 device drivers
> are run in a guest OS (which was what the original poster was looking
> for). In order to boot dom0 in this model without physical device
> drivers it would need a *really big* initrd (as Mark said) because it
> would need to create other VMs from it to provide dom0 with virtual
> devices. I'm not sure at all if xend supports this sort of setting.
> If you have a decent server class machine with multiple nics and scsi
> controllers you could use some of these to get dom0 booting and then
> fire off other VMs to provide isolated device services to other VMs.
> That "should" be supported by xend...

One way we could do this would be to have Grub package up all the
driver domains as modules loaded ahead of dom0. Each driver
domain would have a very simple initrd containing one file that
enables it listen on the control interface and receive
configuration instructions.

Dom0 would then issue configuration instructions to the driver
domains and then bind its virtual drivers. This is another
argument for splitting this kind of functionality out of xend
into a set of standalone libraries with a daemon to give a
network facing interface to it.


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