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Re: [Xen-devel] start xen-ia64-devel or just use xen-devel?

> I expect a fair amount of email discussion in the coming months
> as various people contribute to the Xen/ia64 port.  Since
> many/most subscribers to xen-devel will have little interest in
> ia64-specific email, I thought I would solicit opinions:
> Should the Xen/ia64 traffic remain in xen-devel?  Or should
> there be a separate email-list (e.g. xen-ia64-devel) and
> email can be cross-posted to xen-devel when relevant to others?
> I can see advantages and disadvantages to both approaches.

I think we probably need to create a xen-users list in addition
to xen-devel. Assuming we do that, I don't see any reason not to
hold the discussion on xen-devel (with private email as
appropriate). Some of this stuff may be relevant to other ports


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