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Re: [Xen-devel] Multiple priviliged domains

Mark Williamson wrote:

Obviously, dom0 will need control of some physical devices inorder to have something to boot from (unless ofcourse you use a *really big* initrd :-) ).


In my setup, you do not need a very large initrd to do this. Essentially, the only thing running in dom0 is a simple ICMP/ping server. You send a specially formatted and signed ping payload to dom0, and in response to that it fires up a new VM with a UIP TCP/IP stack inside. You then connect to that TCP/IP stack, and self-migrate or (eventually, not implemented yet) bootstrap directly into the unprivileged guest. Dom0 does not need to have a TCP/IP stack, and at present the ping server main loop is only 50 lines of code.

With pre-NGIO version of Xen 1.3 that I am currently using, all you need in your dom0-initrd is the ping server and an ELF image from which to create UIP guest VMs. I am hoping that in the future the parts of xend that have to do with setting up network interfaces to domains will split out into a small C executable, as that would allow me to provide similar functionality for Xen 2.0 or 2.1.

Source and binaries are available from


PS: I do apologize to the long-time subscribers who are fed with me spamming this list with ads for self-migration stuff every time a new user who could find this relevant shows up on the list. Perhaps I can convince the Xen webpage maintainers to link to my stuff as a related project?

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