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Re: [Xen-devel] Installing Fedora Core 2 inside an unprivileged domain

> On Mon, 2004-12-13 at 19:32, John L Griffin wrote:
> > Well, drat.  Ian's and Luciano's comments are correct: on the FC2 and FC3 
> > ISO images, the anaconda installer appears to require a successful module 
> > load before proceeding with an installation.  This is true even when 
> > mountable block device nodes exist on the system.
> Is it possible to make Xen-U kernels fake the loading of modules?  Every
> time someone says "insmod foobar", the kernel would say "ok, foobar is
> now on the lsmod list" but then it doesn't actually run any code in the
> module.

There's nothing that can be done in the kernel to help this.
> Would this fake-out anaconda sufficiently?  Or does anaconda run
> 'insmod' or 'modprobe' (in which case replacing those programs with
> symlinks to '/bin/true' would fix the problem)?

Good idea - I think it's well worth giving this a try by hacking
the initrd.


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