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Re: [Xen-devel] Installing Fedora Core 2 inside an unprivileged domain

On Mon, 2004-12-13 at 19:32, John L Griffin wrote:
> Well, drat.  Ian's and Luciano's comments are correct: on the FC2 and FC3 
> ISO images, the anaconda installer appears to require a successful module 
> load before proceeding with an installation.  This is true even when 
> mountable block device nodes exist on the system.

Is it possible to make Xen-U kernels fake the loading of modules?  Every
time someone says "insmod foobar", the kernel would say "ok, foobar is
now on the lsmod list" but then it doesn't actually run any code in the

Would this fake-out anaconda sufficiently?  Or does anaconda run
'insmod' or 'modprobe' (in which case replacing those programs with
symlinks to '/bin/true' would fix the problem)?

This was my main concern when trying to create a honeypot; 'lsmod' looks
different when you're inside one.
Penelope Fudd <kernel@xxxxxxx>

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