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Re: [Xen-devel] suggested domain0 memory size

what is minimal recommended memory reservation for domain0? It won't run any services apart from sshd and xend and will provide files from /home (ext3) to other domains as their block devices. Machine is 466MHz Celeron with 256MB of RAM, UDMA/33 IDE interface, and will run about 5 other domains, so less is more ;-).

Boot it with 64MB and then use the balloon driver to crank it
down a bit. Give it a swap file to be on the safe side.

Just a small question - if I use `xm balloon Domain-0 64`, `xm info` reports correct amount of memory as free, but `free` says that domain0 has still $original_memory_size total, but used memory grows up, is it correct?

(total, used, free, shared, buffers, cached)
# free | grep Mem
Mem:        116692      29056      87636          0        460       9600
# xm info | grep memory
memory                 : 255
free_memory            : 126
# xm balloon Domain-0 64
# free | grep Mem
Mem:        116692      83536      33156          0        460       9600
# xm info | grep memory
memory                 : 255
free_memory            : 179


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