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Re: [Xen-devel] can several guest OS be bound to their own ports on multiport Ethernet NIC?

Igor Mendelev wrote:
[basic architecture question from a Xen newbiew; sorry if it's too basic]
I'm looking into running 10-15 guest OS (XenoLinux) on a single box where
each guest OS will need separate physical Ethernet connection (with it's own
MAC address etc).
Assuming I'll be using 2 or 4-port NICs (due to limited # of PCI slots), can each of the
4 guest OS be bound to it's own port on such NIC?
Which 4-port NICs (if any) are suppported now? Are any more planned/expected to be supported for Xen 3.0 (as this plan depends on using AMD64 anyway)?

what about controlling the NICs from domain0 and using one physical interface per xen-bridge? Every domain will have its own bridge...


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