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Re: [Xen-devel] Introduction and questions

Now for my questions
1. Is "Domains" in Xen speak the same as Virtual Machines in VMWare speak?

Yes, or has very similar meaning. At least I think so :-)
Domain0 is the same as the "host OS" in VMware, another domains are "guest OSes".

2. I read that various OS's need to be ported to work with Xen, but I can't find out how or what needs to be done when reading the Xen manual. I have a 9GB HDD ready to format and use for ported OSs.

"to port" means to rewrite portions of code of some program so it will run on, eg., another platform. "Porting xen" means rewriting some machine-dependent parts of OS' kernel code to work under xen. This is job for experienced programmers, not for you. Linux has been ported already :-), so you won't have to bother with it.


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