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[Xen-devel] Introduction and questions

Hi, my name is Bruce. I have been using Linux for several years and toying 
with VMWare and looked at User Mode Linux. I discovered Xen a few days ago 
while reading a recent issue of Linux Weekly News. I installed Xen lastnight 
and joined this list att. I am currently running SuSE 9.1 Linux on a custom 
machine made my Monarch Computer with a Tyan motherboard, 2 Althon MP 2GHz 
processors, 1GB of RAM and three SCSI HDDs. From what I understand Xen cud be 
what I have been looking for.

I got the Xen 2.6.9 kernel booted with only two minor problems I have 
1. I did not understand the dom0_mem value and set too low. When I increased 
it, the kernel booted just fine.
2. my USB trackball would not work, but when I plug it into a PS/2 port, with 
works just fine. 

Now for my questions
1. Is "Domains" in Xen speak the same as Virtual Machines in VMWare speak?
2. I read that various OS's need to be ported to work with Xen, but I can't 
find out how or what needs to be done when reading the Xen manual. I have a 
9GB HDD ready to format and use for ported OSs.



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