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Re: [Xen-devel] status of 2.6 dom0

> I noticed that while 2.6 compiles fine as domain 0 guest,
> it's not enabled by default in the make file.  Is it not
> working yet, or just not enabled because it's not being
> used by anybody ? ;)

There's one piece missing from the checked-in 2.6 before it can
usefully be used as a domain 0 guest OS: it needs 'backend'
drivers for block and network devices to enable it to re-export
virtual devices to other domains.  Expect to see these these
checked in next week.

2.6 should work fine as an unprivileged domain, but you'll need a
2.4 in domain 0 for the moment. In general, 2.6 has had a lot
less testing, but it passes LTP, lmbench, osdb and a bunch of
other tests (at least last time I tried).


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