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[Xen-devel] Inconsistent domain parameter passed to vif-bridge

It seems that the "domain" parameter passed to the vif-bridge script
isn't always consistent.  When calling "vif-bridge up", domain refers to
the name assigned to the domain.  When "vif-bridge down" is called,
domain is of the form "DOM<n>", where <n> is the numeric identifier for
the domain.

This is a problem since I'm using modifying the vif-bridge script for a
different network configuration, and was encoding the vmid used when
creating the domain into the domain's name.  The vmid is then used in
configuring network settings.  This works fine when bringing the network
up, but I have trouble when bringing the network down--specifically, I
want to remove a firewall rule, but need to know the vmid to specify the
firewall rule to delete.

Passing the name seems a more useful behavior to me, or perhaps both
name and id should be supplied to vif-bridge.  In any case, the current
behavior (different for up and down) seems broken.

So far I've tracked the problem as far as noticing that NetDev.destroy
in python/xen/xend/server/netif.py isn't passed the name of the domain,
but I haven't figured out how to best fix this.  I'm willing to work on
it a bit; any suggestions for how to approach it?

--Michael Vrable

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