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Re: [Xen-devel] crashes

[Resending with top post as my mailer successfully hid my last

Is this the same 'ping other domain while diffing large files' test
that we were using to trigger the blkdev mismerge bug? If so, did
everything seem to work okay for a short while after that bug was
fixed, but has become broken again now?

If this is a bug that triggers after DOM0's memory map is mixed around
(no longer contiguous) then it may be easier to find after I add code
next week that will reverse DOM0's address space if you make a debug
build of Xen. It's already found one bug (in pci_alloc_consistent())
that I'll fix on Monday, and check the debug code in at the same

 -- Keir

> i'm having random crashes under load (diff & pings). No messages in the logs 
> or anything, just reboots or hangs. When I went to look at the screen after a 
> hang to see if there was an oops or anything like it, the screen was blanked 
> and wouldn't wake up - anyone know how to stop that behaviour?

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