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Re: [Xen-devel] Dom1 always does DHCP requests and vmid increasing

> Firstly, domains other than domain 0 always do a DHCP request, no mater what 
> is configured.

The xmdefaults script includes settings for IP and DHCP.  Since these set the 
kernel boot parameters they might be taking precedence over your init scripts. 
 Commenting out the dhcp="dhcp" line or changing it to dhcp="no".  
Alternatively, you could put dhcp=no on the end of your xm command line.

As Ian said, you could just write a config file for each virtual machine 
(based on /etc/xen/xmdefaults) and specify the config to use using the -f flag 
to xm create.

There'll be more documentation on this stuff in due course.


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