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Re: [Xen-devel] Dom1 always does DHCP requests and vmid increasing

> I've been lurking on the list for a while, but I haven't tried Xen out until 
> a 
> few days ago.  I have things working in general, but can't figure out a 
> couple of things.
> Firstly, domains other than domain 0 always do a DHCP request, no mater what 
> is configured.  If I have a static address configured in the OS rc scripts 
> the DHCP address is assigned as the primary and the static address is the 
> secondary.

There's nothing in your config file below to cause the kernel to
do a DHCP. Are you sure that your rc scripts aren't doing it?
> Secondly the vmid always +1 what ever the last vmid was no matter what the 
> vmid is set to for the xm create command.

Ah -- this is a common confusion: 'vmid' != 'domid'. 

The xmdefaults example configuration script is a slightly complex
example that takes a parameter ('vmid') and hence enables you to
use the same config file to start multiple domains, assuming
you're assigning them consecutively numbered ip addresses and

When a domain starts, it's given a 'domid' which is a handle that
xend uses to refer to the domain when talking to Xen (It's kind
of like a PID in Unix). The very latest version of the tools
hides domid's from users to avoid this confusion. (A VM's domid
will change when it reboots or migrates, so it's a bad handle for
users to use when talking about a domain).

The way most people user the tools is to write a separate config
file for each domain they want to start, hence removing the part
at the top of the script that expects a parameter to be set.


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