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Re: [Xen-devel] Getting X to work on XEN unstable / xenolinux 2.4.26

> > Next, I try to 'startx' again but this time with a basic 
> > /etc/X11/XF86Config file.
> > This is a basic XF86Config file that tries to use a generic VESA driver. 
> > This is the driver I used to load under regular linux before I installed 
> > the property FGLRX driver from ATI and for most purposes it works fine on 
> > regular linux.
> Presumably the source for the FGLRX kernel module isn't
> available? If not, it'll be a struggle to get it going.
> As I recall, the VESA driver tries to make calls back to the
> bios, which Xen doesn't support right now (but I suppose in
> principle might be able to -- I forget how they work).

Possible problems include the fact that we don't map the bottom 1MB of
physical memory 1:1, even in DOM0. Also we don't support vm86 mode,
and some vesa drivers rely on it.

> Can you not just use the standard XFree86 'radeon' driver? It
> claims to support the 9200.

If you're using an older version of X (e.g., <=4.3.0) you'll need to
fake your device's id by adding e.g.,
    ChipId 0x4242
to a radeon-configured 'Section "Device"' in your XF86Config.

Apart from that, you ought to be able to use the open-source radeon
driver with no problems --- the 9200 is backward compatible.

 -- Keir

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