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Re: [Xen-devel] lvm

> One thing i'm looking forward to in the future is being able
> to connect/disconnect volumes to/from running domains.

Yep, I miss this functionality from Xen 1.2 too.

Three things need to happen, none very hard:

 * cleanup of the blkdev backend code. (This is mostly deleting
clever code that we no longer need since we don't have to
implement all the extent stuff ourselves as we only export whole
devices).  We could also add some probe functions so that xend
can ask what devices a backend has available to export.

 * add support for dynamically adding and changing a VM's config
in xend. We need this for a bunch of things, and I belive Mike is
thinking about it.

 * have xend poke the frontend driver to tell it that it has a
new device (add a new message).


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