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Re: [Xen-devel] lvm

On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 07:17:54PM +0100, Wm wrote:
> Oh are you running 2.4.26 with the device-mapper and vfs locking
> patches?

Yep, 2.4.26 with the v4 ioctl device-mapper, the vfs lock patch, and all the
other evms 2.3.4 patches relevant for 2.4.26.

my current tree is laid out like this: 

hda4 (Disk segment: DosSegMgr) ->
  hda4bbr (Disk segment: BBRseg) ->
   lvm/disk1 (Storage container: LvmRegMgr) ->
     lvm/disk1/* (Storage regions: LvmRegMgr) ->
       Logical volumes

and another tree starting with hdc1.

I'm then attaching individual volumes to my xen instances. My typical
domN volume layout is 1 for the root, 1 for swap, and at least 1 data
volume. One thing i'm looking forward to in the future is being able
to connect/disconnect volumes to/from running domains.

Jody Belka
knew (at) pimb (dot) org

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