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Re: [Xen-devel] more on current pull

> xm is really nice, I have to say. Easy to use and debug
> I am occasionally seeing my network just go away. For example, I did this:
> xend start
> xm create vmid=1
> telnet 127.1 9601
>    (wait a while, admire output stuff, see that it fails to nfsroot since 
>    I didn't set one up) 
> xm destroy 1
>    (dom 1 goes away)
> at that point, I've got no eth0. 
> Should I be using some other eth for the dom0->domN networking?  Is there
> something else I'm doing wrong?

When you run "xend start", you should see a bridge device being
created (xen-br0), and the IP address and routes that previously
were set up for eth0 being transferred to xen-br0. Doing the
transfer is necessary because of an oddity in the Linux bridge

Killing a domain certainly shouldn't cause you to loose
networking in dom0. "/etc/xen/vif-bridge down" doesn't do very
much, so I'm surprised its causing you problems.

You might want to try commenting out all the iptables lines below
the 'brctl' line.

> p.s. are you using your own s-expression library for parsing or ... I'm 
> curious because all our cluster tools here use s-expressions for internal 
> comms.

Mike Wray's the s-expression champion. I believe he rolled his own.


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