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Re: [Xen-devel] Repost: noob questions

> I guess the SF.net mail was down when I first sent this the other day, 
> and I never saw it go through:

I'm afraid there's been general SF mailing list problems over the
weekend, yet again.
> So far I've been unable to get a 2.4.26 kernel built if I have the XFS 
> filesystem enabled.  I've tried with both the 1.2 and unstable bk 
> trees.  I'm pretty much all XFS, so if this is a known issue, that's 
> really going to suck.  If it's just that nobody's noticed before, then 
> I guess this is a bug report.  :)   

That's certainly not a known issue, and I'm sure it can be made
to work -- I'll take a look.
> Second, I've seen references to the linux 2.6 port, but no source.  Is 
> this publicly available yet or are you waiting for an "official" 2.0 
> release before you release the sources for the 2.6 kernel?

It's "in testing". Expect to see it released for use as a
non-privileged domain later this week. It won't be running at
absolute top speed for a little while, but should work well
enough (makes sense to thoroughly test it before turning on some
of the optimisations).


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