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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen-Unstable : no eth0 when boot up

> unfortunaly new problems comes. :(
> I noticed long ago that after install xen, 'halt' didn't work, it just acted
> like reboot. So I wanna try it on this 1.3, and it turned that it still just
> reboots the machine. And I trid this on two xen machines, both worked this
> way.

'halt' doesn't seem very useful, but it's easily implemented.

> More serious problems is after this reboot, eth0 lost again. I didn't change
> anything since eth0 was up. I'm sure the .config has set e100=y. So I 'make
> clean' and 'make world' 'make install' again, still didn't work.
> e100:selftest timeout
> e100:failed to initialize, instance #0
> hello world from e100_init_module

Sounds like the selftest is marginal. Can you increase the timeout in
e100_selftest, or check the return value from schedule_timeout (it
maybe returnign early), or perhaps try calling e100_selftest a few
time before failing?

 -- Keir

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