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[Xen-devel] IDE RAID driver

Your answers to my "questions about production use" mail are very good.
I try to go the way with XEN.

I use HP Netserver LH6000 in this configuration:

5 CPU Xeon550/1MB
Netraid (integrated megaraid.o)
ee100 (integrated)
8 x 18/36 GByte SCSI/hotswap

For backup purposes I would like to use cheap IDE-harddisks.
The requirements for this config are:

- no problem for XEN if one IDE-drive get a physical error
- hotswap (no downtime for HD replacement)

I think the only way to achieve this is to use IDE raid with one
IDE-channel per harddrive and I know only about 3ware
controllers with this features.

Is there a driver for 3ware or alternative approaches?




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