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Re: [Xen-devel] NetBSD port and a couple of remarks

> I have made a NetBSD-current kernel which boots on Xen.  It still has some
> problems but it's good enough to boot multi-user and allows logins.

I presume it's running a single domain 0? 

It would be very nice to get the user-space domain builder
written to support it, so we can have multiple NetBSD, Linux and
XP images all running together on one box...

Our view is that domain building is quite OS specific, hence its
nice to be able to do most of the intricate work of setting up a
domain (installing the image and ramdisks, initial page tables
etc) in the nice environment of a user-space application running
in another domain [*]. It's a pain pulling yourself up by your
bootstraps in assembler within a domain...

Hence, we've developed OS-specific domain building tools for
Linux and Win XP.  It probably makes the sense to do the same for
NetBSD, unless the initial memory map is very similar to

User space domain building was pretty grim in 1.0, so its
definitely worth forward porting to 1.2 first.


[*] One feature of Xen is that you can use the control interface in
one domain to arbitrarily manipulate/modify another domain. At
the moment, there's only a notion of a single privileged domain,
but in future we intend to be able to delegate privileges to
domains to enable them to manages a specified set of other
domains e.g. for domain building, debugging, migration,
checkpointing, fault injection etc.]

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