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Re: [Xen-devel] Do the suspend/resume tools work with current Xen?

> hi,
> I noticed that in arch/xeno/kernel/setup.c the contents of
> phys_to_machine_mapping[] are initialised on boot, but not upon
> resumption after suspend, which may be a problem with the newer Xen
> mmu_update semantics, as XenoLinux will now need to access this mapping
> to be able to correctly specify machine addresses, even after having
> been moved to a set of new machine pages.
> Has anyone used the save and restore tools with a recent Xen and do they
> still work, or is it correct that this mapping needs to be
> reinitialised?

The page frames containing the phys_to_machine_mapping[] are referred
to in the suspend record written by Xenolinux when it is suspended. 
The mapping array is then rewritten by xc_linux_restore before
resuming the Xenolinux instance.

So yes -- that mapping does need to be reinitialised somewhere. The
default tools already do this.

 -- Keir

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