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Re: [Xen-devel] iscsi

> In the near future I want to be able to run other operating systems that
> do not have iscsi initiator support, nor ever will, in virtual machines.
> For this NFS/RAMDISK root is not an option. Thus I need to take the LUN
> mapping approach. I'll just have to hope that I can pull the Adaptec
> iSCSI HW initator driver into Xen, and that all the configuration tools
> will work.

On a more general note, Xen currently assumes that all vbds are
backed by local disk. We need a mechanism to 'plumb' a specified
vbd such that read/write requests go to another domain (where
arbitrary processing can be performed) rather than out to local

We need this for a whole bunch of different applications people
want to use Xen for (honeypots, debugging, fault injection,
hardware transparency etc.).

Fortunately, this kind of thing is going to be quite a bit easier
under the ring-1 I/O model. I think the performance will be
pretty good -- we'll never copy data, and attempt to minimize the
number of protection domain switches through pipelining.


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