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Re: [Xen-devel] Cannot open root device for dom0

> Indeed; in more detail, the modprobe happened because major device 3 (ide0) 
> was not registered with the blkdev layer; and this happened because 
> something was screwed in the xenolinux 'probe' (where at start of day it
> asks Xen about what devices exist, etc). Given that this code has all just
> been rewritten (in Xen) to use red-black trees in place of a hash table so
> that order is deterministic, I reckon that's the culprit. 

So little faith ;-)

> Anyway, that's just for info -- I believe it's fixed now, right?

It is fixed now. The bug had actually been present for a long while --
GCC wasn't being told that memory is "clobbered" across a block_io_op
hypercall. The result is that Xenolinux didn't always pick up updates
to the block_io_op_t struct after the hypercall (It assumed the
initial value it wrote in there before the hypercall was still

This bug bit certain versions of GCC in certain situations. Nice!

 -- Keir



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