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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen + globus steps

> > Check the boot messages to see how many CPUs Xen finds. Also, if
> > you've started multiple domains, do a 'domain list' and see which
> > CPUs they're assigned to. Alternatively, hit 'd' on the serial
> > line (or scroll lock -h on the keyboard) to get a dump of the
> > run queue on each CPU.
> Hmmm, it only finds one.  I thought this was all it supported,
> from prior messages to the list.  Note, I'm using a pre-1.1 Xen,
> so if it was added later that would explain.

Xen has been SMP since the very beginning.

Each domain will only see 1 CPU, but Xen should see all of them.

> From dmesg:
> Kernel command line: /xenolinux.gz root=/dev/sda2 ro console=xencons0 DOMID=0
> Initializing CPU#0
> Xen reported: 1694.911 MHz processor.

This is what I'd expect -- each domain, including dom0 only sees
one CPU.
> Just the one CPU...from "xenctl domain list", all domains are
> on CPU0.

Odd. I suspect its having trouble parsing the BIOS tables.

Please can you try connecting a serial line and sending us the
Xen boot output. (On newer Xen versions you can read this boot
output from a ring buffer using domain 0, but I don't think we
had support in 1.1) 

[Alternatively, you could try boot 1.2-rc using the pre-compiled
binaries I posted a link to yesterday]

> My grub boot args specify "noht", but I'm pretty sure the kernel
> is SMP (it's the one from you folks, with only ReiserFS added).
> Maybe "noht" is the problem (the 1.7Ghz Xeon processors don't
> support hyperthreading, so I presumed I needed noht).

I doubt 'noht' is causing any harm, but it might be worth
removing it. As long as you don't have 'nosmp'...


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