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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen + globus steps

> There is still a lot of Grid development to me do, but once it's
> relatively stable and Xen 1.2 is out, I'll upgrade Xen.  The main
> items I'm desiring from Xen:
> - large memory support (up to 4GB per virtual domain)

This shouldn't be too hard, and I expect it will 'just happen'
when we do the 2.6 port. We're going to wait for 2.6 to settle
down a bit first, though.

> - SMP support (it looks like my dual processor system never uses
>   the second processor at all, even with multiple Xen domains)

SMP guests is on the todo list, but Xen is already itself SMP
capable. All of our test machines are dual Xeon boxes
(effectively four CPUs), so we regularly exercise it in SMP mode.

Check the boot messages to see how many CPUs Xen finds. Also, if
you've started multiple domains, do a 'domain list' and see which
CPUs they're assigned to. Alternatively, hit 'd' on the serial
line (or scroll lock -h on the keyboard) to get a dump of the
run queue on each CPU.

> My only general comment for Xen developers is to update this page:
>       http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/Research/SRG/netos/xen/

Yep, sorry about that. Our documentation and web site are
generally poor. I promise to update things a bit when 1.2 is
released, but volunteers to write a FAQ or do other documentation
would be very helpful.

> Thanks for a great program!  This is really helpful for setting
> up simulated clusters and Grid environments, and I'll be sharing
> my results with the Grid developers I know.

Thanks for the vote of confidence!


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