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Re: [Xen-devel] IDE CD-ROM drive problem

>The only platform I've been able to test this on so far is a VMWare setup (I 
>don't imagine native hardware being different, as I've had the same results 
>from both thus far), but here are the results.  If I boot now with no disk in 
>the drive, it reports "No medium found" in the drive, even when I put a disk 
>in the drive to mount.  If I boot with a disk in the drive, then it behaves 
>the same as it did when I removed the block of code in xenolinux_block_open(). 

Ok good -- this is exactly what I'd expect it to do. For now the 'correct' 
mode of operation is: if you ever think you want to use CD, make sure there's
one in the drive at boot. You can eject that and replace it with another and
mount that later on, etc, and that should all work. 

>I will try and get the boot output to dump to a serial file and post it 

Not really necessary I think. 

>I concur, though, looks like bringing in all the CD-ROM code would be icky... 

Ack; but what we should (and probably will) do is re-implement the 'revalidate'
functionality for 1.2 and arrange for that to check the CD-ROM status in 
addition to regrooving the VBD state as necessary; nothing really hard there 
save trying to work out which linux genhd/blkdev functions are idempotent. 
It's still not perfect, but at least nicer than the soln above :-) 





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