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[Xen-devel] roadmap

Hi, I have two questions of the roadmap variety

What is the plan to track linux kernel versions?  In particular,
kernel-2.4.22 has a security hole so I'd like to use 2.4.23,
but I'd also like to hear about the long term plan.   I'd hate
for upgrading kernel to mean either waiting for xen to be ported to kernel X
or having to port myself every new release I want to use.
Any idea how difficult the 2.6 port will be?

What are the release milestones for unstable?   As best I can tell all
documentation besides README.CD is in the mailing list, and the reason
is that the xi_ tools are being scrapped for a new python based tool chain.
So I either need lots more info on how to use/improve the xi_ tools for
limiting disks, interfaces, and cpus, or invest that effort in the new tool

Any status on the FreeBSD port?  Is that in bitkeeper?

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