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Re: [Xen-devel] do_brk() and 1.1

> can the brk security exploit affect xen domain0 or else ?
> i check 1.1 bk tree and i use 2.4.22 (last updated is 4 weeks ago so)

The brk security exploit can enable a particular domain to be
compromised, but that should *not* effect other domains -- Xen
is designed to provide secure isolation. 
> any update planned ? (just the fix for 1.1, and probably 2.4.23 or more 
> for unstable)

I'll do a 2.4.23 port as soon as I get a chance. 

> note: is there any snapshot/cd release planned for 1.1 ? sourceforge has 
> only 1.0

We'll skip straight to 1.2. We'd like to have some more people
test the 'unstable tree', and then we'll release it as 1.2 and do a
new CD. Any volunteers???


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