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Re: [Xen-devel] running multiple domains from the cd demo

>   We were also wondering about creating ram disks.  The cd demo uses a ram
> disk it seems.  We didnt realize that we were expected to have created
> seperate partitions for each domain.  We'd rather not reinstall
> everything just to create new partitions.

One option would be to run an NFS server in domain 0 and boot all
of the other domains using root-on-NFS from directories on domain
0's filesystem. The README.CD talks about how to have them
sharing a single /usr (and /lib and /sbin) if you want to save

>   So we were hoping to use a ram disk ourselves.  How was the
> ram disk for the cd demo created and filled?  When does the ram disk get
> created?

ram disks work precisely the same way they do under normal
Linux. Follow the instructions in REAME.CD for building your own
CD, then inspect irtree/linuxrc. It populates the root file
system from root.tar.gz. I'm not sure that ramdisks are what you
want, though...


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