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Re: [Xen-devel] running multiple domains from the cd demo

> Hi again,
>   So we went back to the cd demo just to see how things should look and
> run.  Running one domain with the xenctl script -f/etc/xen-mynewdom is
> fine. It creates a happy domain that we can ssh into.  However when we try
> to create another domain, another virtual machine, we get the error
> "Failed to create domain using: /usr/local/bin/xi_create 98304 XenoLinux".
> This failure is from the first basic command "xenctl domain create".  We
> were wondering how to create multiple domains, multiple virtual machines,
> just using the cd demo.

Perhaps you're out of memory on your test machine?

>   We were also wondering about creating ram disks.  The cd demo uses a ram
> disk it seems.  We didnt realize that we were expected to have created
> seperate partitions for each domain.  We'd rather not reinstall
> everything just to create new partitions.
>   So we were hoping to use a ram disk ourselves.  How was the
> ram disk for the cd demo created and filled?  When does the ram disk get
> created?

Ram disks are probably not the best answer if you're booting from hard
disc. You're better off creating multiple root partitions on the hard
disc. These don't need to be very big because /usr can be on a shared
read-only partition. That is, each root filesystem contains an empty
directory /usr, and an entry in /etc/fstab that mounts some shared
partition read-only onto mount-point /usr.

 -- Keir

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