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Re: [Xen-devel] newer e1000 driver

> Now that I've got Xen and XenoLinux running I broke the budget and bought an 
> Intel PWLA8492MT dual port 10/100/1000 that uses the 82546GB chip and the 
> e1000.o driver. 
> On installation in a Linux box it almost took out an IDE drive (sounded like 
> a shaking can of marbles).  On an XP box it took out the boot sector on the 
> hard drive and left the display unuseable.  Had to track down an old DOS 
> diskette to enable the BootAgent which seemed to cause the board to perform 
> enough initialization to not crash things.

Maybe its trying to tell you something....

> What would have to be done to port e1000-5.2.16 to xen/xenolinux?  I looked 
> at the driver code and I think this is beyond my skills.  I think the driver 
> in xeno-1.1.bk and xeno-unstable.bk xen/drivers/net/e1000 is version 4.4.19.

Try replacing drivers/net/e1000 with:

I have absolutely no idea whether it works, but it does build....


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