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[Xen-devel] newer e1000 driver

Hi all,

Now that I've got Xen and XenoLinux running I broke the budget and bought an 
Intel PWLA8492MT dual port 10/100/1000 that uses the 82546GB chip and the 
e1000.o driver.

On installation in a Linux box it almost took out an IDE drive (sounded like a 
shaking can of marbles).  On an XP box it took out the boot sector on the hard 
drive and left the display unuseable.  Had to track down an old DOS diskette to 
enable the BootAgent which seemed to cause the board to perform enough 
initialization to not crash things.

On re-installation into the Linux box none of the e1000.o drivers in a standard 
RH8, RH9, or xen recognized the card as being present, but by using some tools 
I can see the card is accessable and alive.

I tracked down and built e1000-5.2.16.tar.gz using RH9 and that driver happily 
installed with insmod and recognized both ethernet ports on the card.

I'm not a C programmer but I do build and install everything from tar.gz files. 
 When they don't build correctly I can often fix them and am not afraid to try. 
 That said, here's my question:

What would have to be done to port e1000-5.2.16 to xen/xenolinux?  I looked at 
the driver code and I think this is beyond my skills.  I think the driver in 
xeno-1.1.bk and xeno-unstable.bk xen/drivers/net/e1000 is version 4.4.19.

Looking forward to putting this great product into use.

Thanks for your help,
Mike Wright

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