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[Xen-devel] New domain-0 toolset in xeno-unstable

> Ok i am getting closer i guess.
> At least i think i saw it try to boot
> First the logfile then i will show my config...

Some advice -- if the xenctl tool is really annoying you then you
might prefer the new domain-0 tools support in the latest unstable
release (bk://xen.bkbits.net/xeno-unstable.bk).

Basically, xi_* tools and xenctl are both gone :-)

Instead there is a C library and Python wrapper that you install, then
you can create your own domain-management tools with simple Python

To use this you must run 'make install' on your Xen-based machine, as
root. This will install the C library and Python wrapper module on
standard search paths. You will also need to be running a recent
version of Python (only back to v2.2 has been tested).

You can see example scripts and script templates in
xeno.bk/tools/examples/. Or you can get help on all the supported
functions from within Python shell:
 > import Xc, XenoUtil
 > help(XenoUtil)         # XenoUtil is a Python module of helper funcs 
 > xc = Xc.new()          # Xc methods are implemented within a class
 > dir(xc)                # List all class methods
 > help(xc.domain_create) # Get help on a particular class method

If it helps you to look at the C library code or Python wrapper, then
the C library is in tools/xc/lib, and the Python modules are at

Hopefully this will be faster and easier to use than the old tool set.

 -- Keir

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