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Re: [Xen-devel] 2.4.22 nptl

> I just tried building a xenolinux using the new Fedora Core 1 release,
> and got all sorts of compile errors related to mmu.h, and other modules
> using the LDT.

How did you do this? Did you try to run 'mkbuildtree' on a Fedora
kernel rather than the mainline 2.4.22 kernel? That would definitely
not work! We only plan to support our own patchset applied to mainline
kernels -- however we would consider adding patches for extra
functionality, derived from other releases.

> It seems that Fedora is using the NPTL (Native POSIX Thread Library)
> which has a some memory management differences in the kernel. The xeno
> architecture port doesn't seem to be compatible with this version. Is
> this something you are planning to make work, or should I just use a
> vanilla 2.4.22 kernel.  (The NPTL stuff is very cool though..)

If you can get a port of, for example, NPTL going then we would
happily accept a patch.  

I don't expect thae actual porting would take very long, but it would
be slower for us since we would have to set up an NPTL-based system to
properly test and debug the new code.

 -- Keir

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