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[Xen-devel] Re: Setting up Xen

> We have a number of questions, and would appreciate any help you could give:
> 1)    Are there particular versions of Linux better suited than others to
> running Xen on? We currently have Redhat 9.0, but if it would be simpler to
> get it working on another version, we would be happy to switch.

It should work OK with any distribution.
We've had success reports with RH7.2, RH8.*, RH9, Debian and SuSE.

> 2)    Besides the basic readme, is there any further documentation about
> setting up and running Xen and XenoLinux? Specifically, we are looking for
> "how to" type documents or at least example scripts that get Xen running.

There's docs/Xeno-HOWTO, but it's mostly copied from README.CD

> 3)    Is there a list of dependent programs that Xen needs to function
> properly? We have already discovered that we need both Ant and Java.

The requirements on Ant and Java are about to be removed --
there's just about to be a checkin to the "unstable" tree (soon
to be called 1.2) that replaces the 'xenctl' domain control tool
with a number of python scripts.  Python 2.2 or newer will then
be required.

> 4)    We have tried to run the script to set up Xen. It references /boot and
> we are not sure what should be in that directory.

Which script?

You normally want the xen image (image.gz, renamed to xen.gz to
reduce confusion in the unstable tree), and a xenolinux.gz

> 5)    What exactly is xenolinux.gz for?

xenolinux.gz is the Linux image built for the xeno-x86
architecture. You can call it anything you like, as long as Grub
etc are consistent.

> 6)    Is xenctl the main executable to control Xen and the creation of
> virtual systems? If so, is there documentation on how to run xenctl? If not,
> how do we actually get Xen running after we have done the install script??

README.CD / howto should talk you through this.

The new domain control tools will hopefully be less confusing to
set up...


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