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[Xen-devel] Setting up Xen



We are a group of 3 grad students at the University of California at San Diego.  We are working on a project to use Xen to create a honey-farm. We are planning to simulate about 100 computers which would be doing a fair amount of network communication. So far, we have installed Linux and are trying to get Xen working.


We have a number of questions, and would appreciate any help you could give:


1)    Are there particular versions of Linux better suited than others to running Xen on? We currently have Redhat 9.0, but if it would be simpler to get it working on another version, we would be happy to switch.

2)    Besides the basic readme, is there any further documentation about setting up and running Xen and XenoLinux? Specifically, we are looking for “how to” type documents or at least example scripts that get Xen running.

3)    Is there a list of dependent programs that Xen needs to function properly? We have already discovered that we need both Ant and Java.

4)    We have tried to run the script to set up Xen. It references /boot and we are not sure what should be in that directory.

5)    What exactly is xenolinux.gz for?

6)    Is xenctl the main executable to control Xen and the creation of virtual systems? If so, is there documentation on how to run xenctl? If not, how do we actually get Xen running after we have done the install script??


Again, we appreciate any help you could give.


Thanks in advance.


Dave Berlin

Jeremy Chiu

Jefferson Ng






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