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Re: [Xen-devel] Installation

> On 19 Nov 2003, at 03:47, Jaswinder S. Ahluwalia wrote:
> > So I?m a bit confused as to how Xen is actually installed. I have a 
> > machine with a partitioned drive, one partition for Windows XP and one 
> > for Mandrake Linux 9.2. So is Xen installed on top of Linux or do I 
> > have to create a third partition? I would prefer to do it on top of 
> > the existing linux partition if possible. Some initial guidance would 
> > be helpful.
> You can use your existing Mandrake Linux partition to start Domain0.
> But if you want to create new domains, you have to use a third
> partition with root file system. Otherwise, with multiple domains
> sharing the same root partition, data may be corrupted.

...or you can have the other root file systems as directories in
the domain0 root and export them via NFS. 

README.CD contains details as to how to do this. The HOWTO
probably does to.


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