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[Xen-devel] And if guestOS doesn't register a new page...

I'm currently reading the xen source (it's very intresting and cool :) and I
have a question concerning the memory management. To improve performance you
decided that the GuestOS is responsible for managing his hardware page table. It
just have to register its memory manipulations to Xen (using hypercall
HYPERVISOR_update_va_mapping() I think). 

At this point, guestOS relinquishes write privilege. This mechanism ensure that
a guestOS will not modify its page table for accessing memory owning by another
domain because Xen control that. So, the safety and isolation (concerning the
guestOS memory management) is allowed because guestOS registers its allocation
to the hypervisor. Thus, what happens if I build a guestOS which will not
register allocation? it could generate some problems? 


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