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Re: [Xen-devel] IDE DMA not supported in 1.0?

>> As to whether Xen is using DMA with your hardware, you'll need to
>> take a look at the boot messages as Xen comes up. One of the
>> items on our todo list is to make those messages available from
>> domain0 after boot, but for now, they only flash by on the VGA
>> console unless you've attached a serial line.
>My super-biosonic eye ;) managed to do that. Yes, it is using DMA. I wasn't 
>sure because quick test with hdparm -t also fails because of missing ioctls.

Indeed; as Ian mentioned, you don't have a 'real' harddisk in xenolinux, 
but rather a 'virtual block device'; it's a bit icky to consider what 
the various ioctls should mean on a virtual device which could in principle
span multiple different real devices....





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