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Re: [Xen-devel] Setting up a more complex system scenario

>> A useful feature of this script is that: each time you run
>> 'xenctl script -f/etc/xen-mynewdom', it creates and starts
>> a new domain with an 'always-increasing' domain id, i.e.
>> you run 'xenctl' for the Nth time, it creates a domain with
>> domain id 'N', even if some previous domains (with domain
>> id < N) have been destroyed.
>How to reset that counter?

Currently there is no way to do so (apart from hacking the xen code :-)
It's possible that we'll modify this in the future, but for the near 
future it's not likely. 

A better solution is to modify the user-space tools (xenctl etc) to 
handle allocation of resources in a less fragile way; this may happen
soonish as we're in the process of designing a new set of user-space
tools with a better notion of allocation, etc.





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