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Re: [Xen-devel] New kernel won't boot

> 5. Build everything, merging the Xen source w/ the pristine kernel:
>       tools/misc/xen-clone

The xen-clone script isn't designed to be used like this
-- it's designed for pulling and building a repository from
scratch rather than rebuilding an existing one. It will actually
do what you want if you run it 

If you've got a repository as created by xen-clone, you can
rebuild and install xen and the various tools just by cd'ing into
the xeno.XX.bk directory and doing a 'make install'

To rebuild xenolinux, cd into xenolinux-2.4.22 and
'make dep modules bzImage install'. This will build
xenolinux-2.4.22/arch/xeno/boot/image.gz (which the install
target copies to install/boot)
> 6. The xenolinux file was built:
>       cp xeno-clone/install/boot/xenolinux /boot/xenolinux.gz
> 7. But there was no image.gz as expected in xeno-clone/install/boot/,
> it was here:
>       xeno-clone/xenolinux-2.4.22/arch/xeno/boot/image.gz
> and not bootable.

This is actually what becomes xenolinux.gz, not the xen image.gz
which should be in xeno.XX.bk/xen/image.gz (and will have been
copied in to install/boot)


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