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Re: [Xen-devel] New kernel won't boot

> I tried it with the 1.0 build from the CD image,
> and from last Thursday's "unstable" download via BitKeeper.
> Both yielded essentially the same results.

What I mean is ---- it's the Xen image that you're trying and that is
failing. You're not trying to boot the Xenolinux image directly from
GRUB, right? That wouldn't work :-)
> Correct.  The Linux "file" command thinks it's data.
> But "file vmlinux" doesn't recognize it as a Linux kernel,
> while "file /boot/vmlinuz" (my current non-Xen kernel) does.
> So, the problem might be happening before the Multiboot
> bytes are added (in arch/xeno/boot during "make bzImage").

Are we talking about Xen, or Xenolinux (the port of Linux to run on
top of Xen)?

Xen is a Multiboot OS. It has 12 bytes of Multiboot header that must
appear in the first 8192 bytes of the uncompressed image (GRUB will
uncompress the image before searching for the Multiboot header).

Xenolinux is /not/ a multiboot OS. In fact, it's not a normal Linux
image either. It's just a raw image file with an 8-byte custom header
on the front.

GRUB will not recognise Xenolinux as a valid kernel image. This is
because Xenolinux can only be booted via Xen.

GRUB /should/ recognise Xen, as it should find the magic Multiboot
header at a multiple-of-4 offset somewhere in the first 8192 bytes.

> > If it still fails then we might be able to take a look at it if you
> > can make your image available to us (maybe put it on a web server and
> > send us a URL?). I think someone else reported a similar problem a
> > while ago. Perhaps our build process is broken for certain versions of
> > gcc and/or binutils. Unfortunately it's not possible to get more
> > useful diagnostics out of GRUB without adding tracing to the source
> > code and recompiling it.
> I put the whole package, new & old & copies of everything
> in /boot at:
>       http://peabody.arsc.edu/xen
> One of the (many) images I've tried is:
>       http://peabody.arsc.edu/xen/boot/xenimage.gz

I'll take a quick look...

 -- Keir

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