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Re: [Xen-users] Re: How to recover from crashed domU?

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On Thu, Dec 22, 2005 at 03:29:48PM +0000, Molle Bestefich wrote:
> I disagree.  I think most people will just do what I do and give up
> (and be *VERY* annoyed), which is a shame.  And that's even if there
> *is* some arcane way of activating the shortcut.

I disagree. Normally I use a GB keyboard layout, but this week I have
been using a spanish layout. To begin with I struggled to find alot of
things. @ Lies at altgr+2, [ and ] are hidden behind an altgr combo.
Same for |, # and tilda. But then when I try and right spanish on an
english keyboard I can't find a ? key. Or what about Umlaut, etc... You
can't have it both ways. And even if you make it configurable can you
imagine the support questions?

I am struggling to see where your complaint lies (you are saying that ^]
is the only dud you have seen). Do you not struggle equally with the
location of /, or |? what about < > ? etc...

Whilst I agree that alot of the keys used in unix may not be entirely
intuative for the non English keyboard users, you have to bare in mind
the proportions that use various keyboard layouts.

Even the cyrilic and Arabic keyboards and associated keymaps I use have
a US map in terms of non alphaNumeric keys. Such I am inclined to
suggest that the US layout is the single most used of all of them.
(Please excuse the arrogance, but Denmark isn't the worlds most populous

Further to this, if you consider just how many different keyboard
layouts and how they are laid out you rapidly find that finding a
suitable escape combination is very VERY difficult. Anyone wanna through
Dvorak into the mix?

I remind you of the quote: "The only valid key combination to listen to
is ctrl+alt+shift+escape+f12+pagedown, all other combinations being
mapped by GNU Emacs". It really is rather difficult.

I think ultimately, what I am trying to say here, is don't have a go at
the xen developers for this, its not their fault, no matter what
combination they use someone, somewhere will get annoyed.

> This is where a company like Microsoft does so much better than the
> open source world - if they had invented it, they would actually have
> a bunch of new users sit down, try and use the application and
> immediately find that the shortcut for leaving the console *has* to be
> changed.

Would you like to fund a bunch of users banging keyboards with heads to
find these things out?

> (And it would be a top priority too, since nobody would use their crap
> if it wasn't _mostly_ such a breeze to do so.)

NEVER confuse Idiot friendly and User Friendly.

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