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Re: [Fwd: Re: [Xen-users] Installing Xen on CentOS]

Reformatted into pre-quote ...

Am Dienstag, den 31.05.2005, 17:01 -0700 schrieb Gino LV. Ledesma: 
> On 5/31/05, John Fairbairn <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Your going to run into some more gotchas in centos-4. I have been running
> > it since it came out...
> > The BIGGEST problem is that BerkelyDB in CentOS-4 has been compiled with
> > mutexes and NTLM, which xen does not support, therefore you will run into
> > some limitations, as a result, many of the packages compiled against bdb
> > are NTLM enabled as well. If there are any rpm making guru's out there,
> > I'd love to host a repository of rebuilt rpm's (non-ntlm) that fully
> > 'xenify' CentOS-4. Other than the NTLM issue... CentOS-4 has been running
> > great with xen. I run a CentOS-4 dom0 and numerous CentOS-3.4 and CentOS-4
> > domU's.
> > This is just a heads up for all out there using CentOS-4.
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > John Fairbairn
> > 
> > PS - if anybody's already done the work of building these rpm's, i'd love
> > to get them from ya...thanks :)
> I'd love to help out in building the RPMs. I recompile a lot of RPMs
> (and most are easy since the SRPMS for Centos/RHEL are available) and
> wouldn't mind contributing. :-)
> I'm currently running Centos 4 dom0s and domUs, and MySQL is one of
> the biggest thorns since it was built against NTLM.


i am interested in helping out too. I ran into the same problems using
cyrus-imapd with FC{2|3}, so i rebuilt the db4 rpm with no NPTL support.
I could try to do that again for centos-4. Interested?

According to Ian, there is another approach (search the devel list for
the subjects "db4 problem" and "glibc patch for TLS"): apply the glibc-
patch you find in this SRPM


and rebuild the glibc and _all_ rpms which use TLS directly
(unfortunatly nobody knows them) with the gcc option "-mno-tls-direct-
seg-refs". Due to lack of time, i did not try that yet. 

A problem to be solved if you use dependency-resolver like yum or apt
for upgrading is the naming of the rebuilt rpms. Take db4 as an

* if you name it "db4-4.2.52-6noNTPL" (changing "release" in the spec
file), yum will exchange it with any newer db4 rpm package disregarding
the NPTL problem. A workaround would be to tell the yum/apt to _never_
fetch db4 from the usual update repository, but from our xen-friendly

* I tried to name it "db4noNPTL-4.2.52-6" (changing "name" in the spec
file) using "obsoletes: db4" and "provides: db4". But then the
reconstruction tools of cyrus-imapd complained the 'wrong' db version,
so i would had to recompile cyrus-imapd against "db4noNPTL"-headers ...

* A more elegant way is to create and install an empty rpm "xen-db4"
with the dependency "requires: db4_noNPTL" and to put "provides:
db4_noNPTL" into the db4.spec. Should work, and with this yum/apt should
only upgrade to our xen-friendly rpms containing "provides: db4_noNPTL".


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