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[Xen-fr] Re: [Xen-users] How can we increase de maximum memory for a domU

But when you execute xentop (xen 3.0.2) you can see a column named "MAXMEM" and this value is greate than the value fixed in the conf file...

What does mean this option (if there is enough memory and a domU need more memory, that's mean the domU can use more memory that the memory assigned by the conf file??? ) ? How can we adjuste it?

Le 18 juin 06 à 22:04, Jonathan Ervine a écrit :

On Friday 16 June 2006 10:44, Rachid Abdoun wrote:

On a virtual network project, we are using xen. We haven't any
information in xen documentation on the parameter MAXMEM. Are the ram
of domU static or can it increase dynamicaly? Could someone explain
how does it work? Thank you

You can change the amount of memory in a XEN DomU, however it seems the DomU does not recognise any memory assigned to it above the amount specified in the DomU config file. However I can reduce it dynamically and increase it back up to that maximum value. For example, I can specify 1024MB as the initial amount, then reduce the amount of memory to 64MB, then increase back 768MB, however I cannot go to 1536MB as that is greater than my starting

The command for adjusting domain memory is xm mem-set <domID> <mem>

Particularly for hardware assisted fully virtualised operating systems
stability seems to improve by reducing Dom0 memory as much as possible.

Hope this helps,

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