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Re: Regressed XSA-286, was [xen-unstable test] 161917: regressions - FAIL

On Thu, 17 Jun 2021, Jan Beulich wrote:
> GitlabCI doesn't tell me anything just yet, unless I go actively poll
> it. And as mentioned just yesterday on irc, I don't think I can easily
> navigate my way through those web pages, to find breakage I may have
> introduced and hence would better go fix. Unlike osstest, where I am
> told what failed, and I know where to find the corresponding logs.
> It's also not clear to me at all in how far GitlabCI would have
> spotted the issue here, no matter whether it's caused by a hypervisor
> change or the XTF test being wrong. So far I've seen GitlabCI only
> spot build issues.

Without getting on the specifics of this problem, I just want to let you
know that Doug and I gave a little "tour" of GitlabCI at Xen Summit. I
recommend to watch the video when it becomes available. I find it very
easy to use and generally easier than other CIs. The very short version
is the following:

# find the pipeline running for the commits / patch series you care about

Pipelines for staging are here:

Pipelines for outstanding patch series on xen-devel are here:

I'll pick one of the recent runs for an outstanding series:

you can see what was committed by patchew by clicking on the link "84
jobs for patchew/20210616144324.31652-1-julien@xxxxxxx in 87 minutes and
32 seconds (queued for 15 seconds)". The link brings you here where the
branch with the commits is:

# find the failed jobs and logs

Look for the red "x" corresponding to individual jobs that failed in the
pipeline. In this case we have 2 red "x" on the right side which
correspond to these 2 jobs:


To get the full logs in text format simply click on the "document" icon
just above the black square with the logs. Other binary artifacts are
available if you click on "Download" on the right side of the screen.

# find details on the failed job

The jobs are divided into two groups: build jobs and test jobs. The
build jobs simply build Xen and tools with various compilers and
options. They are all in the left column in the pipeline page. They are

The test jobs are actually trying to run something inside QEMU (full
emulation). The scripts that runs things are:


and their names correspond to the job names. In our example
qemu-smoke-x86-64.sh is the one that failed and it is running XTF inside

I hope this helps! I'd be happy to jump on a call to give you a short
intro on how to use gitlab-ci, just let me know.



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