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Re: [XEN PATCH v2 0/8] Fix libxl with QEMU 6.0 + remove some more deprecated usages.

Hi Anthony,

On 11/05/2021 11:28, Anthony PERARD wrote:
Patch series available in this git branch:

- fix coding style in patch 3
- all reviewed

The Xen 4.15 release that went out just before QEMU 6.0 won't be compaptible
with the latter. This patch series fixes libxl to replace use of QMP commands
that have been removed from QEMU and to fix usage of deprecated command and
parameters that well be remove from QEMU in the future.

All of the series should be backported to at least Xen 4.15 or it won't be
possible to migrate, hotplug cpu or change cdrom on HVM guest when QEMU 6.0 and
newer is used. QEMU 6.0 is about to be release, within a week.

Backport: 4.15

Anthony PERARD (8):
   libxl: Replace deprecated QMP command by "query-cpus-fast"
   libxl: Replace QEMU's command line short-form boolean option
   libxl: Replace deprecated "cpu-add" QMP command by "device_add"
   libxl: Use -device for cd-rom drives
   libxl: Assert qmp_ev's state in qmp_ev_qemu_compare_version
   libxl: Export libxl__qmp_ev_qemu_compare_version
   libxl: Use `id` with the "eject" QMP command
   libxl: Replace QMP command "change" by "blockdev-change-media"

I have committed the series.


Julien Grall



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